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Love Is All You Need

    The Beatles famously sang, “All you need is love.” A pretty naïve statement, spoken by people with no concern about access to such basic necessities as water, food, shelter, healthcare. And yet- the older I get the more I recognize the fundamental wisdom that while love may not be ALL that we need …

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NOW!- entering into Unetaneh Tokef

I know two people who lost their lives in the past month in car pedestrian accidents. They woke up in the morning, just like I did today. They got dressed, just like I did today. They left their home, just like I did today. And they are never going back. That, essentially, is what the …

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Kaddish- a tribute to Nelson Mandela

The Kaddish is a time when we mourn our personal losses, those that have occurred this year as well as those who have touched our lives perhaps many years or even decades ago. As I reflect back on 5774, I reflect on the loss of Nelson Mandela, a man who influenced our world by his …

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And Yet. . .

During the month of Elul, culminating on these Yamim Noraim, these Awesome Days, we look back over the year that is drawing to a close with an eye towards where in our lives we might want to push that “restart” button as we enter 5775. Our goal is an unfiltered, searingly honest review of our …

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The Sound of the Shofar

Reflections on the sounding of the shofar at Selichot services-   Throughout the month of Elul we sound the shofar each morning, awakening our souls to the need for teshuvah, for reflection and repentance, and the need for reconciliation in all our relationships. Now, at the time of Selichot, our efforts take on a new …

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Elul and Teshuvah

Elul is a hard month. With each day, the clock is ticking and the year is drawing to a close. The shofar blast each morning calls us to do teshuvah, urgently and insistently reminding us that the time is now. Yet, we would much rather not have to think about where we may have gone …

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