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Hark the Herald Angels Sing. . . a Rabbinic Perspective

I was driving in the other day and listening to Christmas music- am I allowed to say that? Beautiful music and voices. And then I listened to one lyric that intensely reminded me of one of the many reasons that I am not Christian. I’m sure you’ve heard this lyric- I have heard it many …

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Twitter Torah- Numbers

Numbers Nu 1-Census of tribes-males age 20+ All who can bear arms. Not Levites-in charge of Tabernacle. Each tribe camps together with own flag. Nu 2-Tribal organization-north, south, east, west. Number of members for each tribe listed. As they camp, so shall they march, by clan. Nu 3-Genealogy of Aaron/Moses. Tribe of Levi to assist …

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Twitter Torah- Leviticus

Leviticus Lv 1-Laws re: burnt offerings/olah. Herd/Flock/Bird. Male-no blemish. Lay hands on offering. Blood dashed on altar. Offering totally burnt. Lv 2-Laws re: grain offering/mincha. Flour/Oil/Frankincense. Priests eat part. No honey or leaven. Offerings must include salt. 1st fruits. Lv 3-Laws re: sacrifice of well-being/shelamim. Various animals. An offering of “pleasing odor.” Law for all …

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Twitter Torah- Exodus

Exodus Ex 1-New king doesn’t remember Joseph. Threatened by Israelites. Decrees kill male kids. Midwives Shifra/Puah disobey his order. Heroic. Ex 2-Moses’ mother hides him. Miriam helps. Adopted by Pharaoh’s daughter. Moses grows, kills man beating Hebrew slave. Flees to Midian. Ex 3-Moses notices burning bush. God tells him to free Israelites. God’s name revealed- …

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Twitter Torah- Genesis

Genesis Gn 1-God creates world. Light, sky, land, plants, animals. Humans in God’s image- be fertile and increase. Six days. God says it is good. Gn 2-God rests. Not good for man to be alone. Woman formed from his rib. Don’t eat fruit of tree of knowledge of good/evil or you will die. Gn 3-Serpent …

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Twitter Torah- Deuteronomy

Deuteronomy Dt 1-Moses final address begins: reviews journey/asks God’s blessing on Israel/complaining/delegated leadership/spies/Joshua&Caleb survive. Dt 2-Into wilderness thru Sea of Reeds. Many battles along way-38 years. Warriors die off. Other nations in dread and fear of Israelites. Dt 3-More winning battles reviewed. Joshua told-do not fear, God with you. Moses asks again to enter land. …

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