Twitter Torah- Leviticus


Lv 1-Laws re: burnt offerings/olah. Herd/Flock/Bird. Male-no blemish. Lay hands on offering. Blood dashed on altar. Offering totally burnt.

Lv 2-Laws re: grain offering/mincha. Flour/Oil/Frankincense. Priests eat part. No honey or leaven. Offerings must include salt. 1st fruits.

Lv 3-Laws re: sacrifice of well-being/shelamim. Various animals. An offering of “pleasing odor.” Law for all time- do not eat fat or blood.

Lv 4-Laws re: sin offering/asham. Provision for unwitting wrong done by priest/community/leader/individual. Expiation made and sin forgiven.

Lv 5-Laws re: guilt offering/chatat. Realize guilt/confess/bring offering. Examples of sins listed. Restitution to injured party required.

Lv 6-Priests clean up ashes. Reminder- burn perpetual fire. Male priests may eat some- not sin offering. Priest’s offering upon dedication.

Lv 7-More detail re: sacrifices. Thanksgiving offering eat in 2 day. Well-being 3 days. Do not eat animals that died or were torn by beasts.

Lv 8-Aaron and his sons dressed and dedicated. First bring own sin-offering. Anoint right ear/thumb/big toe. Ordination lasts seven days.

Lv 9-8th day- Aaron/sons offer own offering and people’s offering. Aaron blesses people. Both bless people. God’s Presence appears to all.
Lv 10-Aaron’s sons, Nadav/Avihu offer strange fire. Die immediately-fire from God. No alcohol for priests when in Tent. Aaron silent.

Lv 11-Kosher animals-split hoof/chew cud; fish-fins and scales; birds-see list. Some insects ok. Laws re: utensils. Don’t eat/don’t touch.

Lv 12-Women ritually impure after childbirth. 7 days for a male +33- 8th day circumcision. 2 wks for female- +66. Bring atonement offering.

Lv 13-Priests diagnose skin ailments. Various types described. Afflicted person proclaims, “Unclean, unclean.” Also eruptions in fabric.

Lv 14-Ritual of purifying afflicted person, house, or fabric. Cedar wood, scarlet wool, hyssop, offerings. 2 birds. Shave/Bathe/Anointing.

Lv 15-Ritual for male/female discharges. Vessels/furniture. Woman separated during menstruation-no sex! Cleansing/Purification Offerings.

Lv 16-Day of Atonement ritual. One goat offered to God. Other sent to wilderness/Azazel-with sins of the people. 10th day of 7th month.

Lv 17-Only Aaron and his sons can preside over offerings. Do not consume blood. No blood! Blood is soul-you will be cut off if you eat it!

Lv 18-Don’t follow Egyptian practices. Prohibited sexual relationships-stay away from long list of relatives. No homosexuality/bestiality.

Lv 19-Be holy-many ways. Care for poor/stranger. Be in awe of God. No favoritism. Don’t hate/do rebuke. Respect elders. Agricultural laws.

Lv 20-No sacrifice of child/Molech worship. No curse parents. More sex laws. No consulting spirits. Stay holy in order to inherit the land.

Lv 21-Special rules for priests re: mourning/marriage. Priest can’t officiate if have physical blemish-examples given. Can eat privately.

Lv 22-Rules re: unclean priests/priests’ daughters. Animals offered may not have blemishes. Must eat thanksgiving offering same day.
Lv 23-Sabbath/Passover/Count omer 49 days/50th day Shavuot. 7th month 1st day-holiday/shofar-introspection. 10th day 7th month- atonement.

Lv 24-Oil menorah. Showbread. Man blasphemes God. Death penalty. Death penalty for murder. Make compensation for animal. Eye for eye. . .

Lv 25-7th year land rests-sabbatical. 50th year-jubilees-shofar-proclaim freedom. Land reverts to original owner. Care for native/stranger.

Lv 26-Obey God-all will go well-rain/safety/peace. Disobey-major awful threats-exile. Ultimately God will remember covenant and forgive.

Lv 27-Description of various voluntary offerings-house/field/animal. Valuation of individuals re: vows. The commandments God gave Moses.

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