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Psalm 27- “One Thing Do I Ask”

Only one thing do I ask of You, Holy God Just this alone do I seek: I want to be at home with You, Adonai All the days of my life. I want to delight in seeing You, When I come to visit You In Your Temple.   What’s the difference between asking- shaalti, and …

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High Holiday Reflections- 5775

    Erev RH-   The Talmud teaches, “Great is repentance, for on account of a single person who repents, the sins of all the world are forgiven.” (Yoma 86b) It is outrageous to suggest that one individual could save the world simply by reflecting upon his or her deeds, making amends and apologies and …

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The Sound of the Shofar

Reflections on the sounding of the shofar at Selichot services-   Throughout the month of Elul we sound the shofar each morning, awakening our souls to the need for teshuvah, for reflection and repentance, and the need for reconciliation in all our relationships. Now, at the time of Selichot, our efforts take on a new …

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