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I Know That Valentine’s Day is NOT a Jewish Holiday. . . .

I remember a few years ago- I was standing in the lobby, having just returned from a period of military service. I think I might have even been in uniform. I was definitely still in Army/Colonel mode. I sort of barked at one of my colleagues in a way that surprised even me as I …

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Justice For All

Liberty and Justice For All- Rabbi Bonnie Koppell It’s okay, in the eyes of Jewish tradition, to tell a lie. A little white lie for the sake of shalom- to maintain harmony in our relationships. “Look what I bought today- I got such a great price!” So what if you don’t love it- say something …

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What Makes Life Meaningful?

    I wanted to share with you a few lines from an article in the Arizona Republic Jobs section on May 10th[1] entitled, “Without Meaning, Work is a Chore.” Angelo Kinicki writes that, “People are happier, healthier and more productive when they are doing “meaningful” work. . . We believe that something is more …

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Bells, Stairs, and Pomegranates- thoughts on privacy and modesty

    Who needs to know? This is a vital principle in the US Army and, I’m sure, in many other business enterprises. It is a vital principle in our personal relationships, where communication is the foundation of intimacy. Who needs to know? Knowledge is power and, when vital information is NOT shared, the consequences …

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