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Selichot Reflection

So, I almost died this year. It happened in June, on vacation in Florida.  I borrowed my Aunt Faith’s bicycle, which had canvas toe cages affixed to the pedals.  Never having used these before, I came to a stop, couldn’t extricate my foot in time, and keeled over.  No big deal, as I was wearing …

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NOW!- entering into Unetaneh Tokef

I know two people who lost their lives in the past month in car pedestrian accidents. They woke up in the morning, just like I did today. They got dressed, just like I did today. They left their home, just like I did today. And they are never going back. That, essentially, is what the …

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Unetaneh Tokef and the Pope

What do you know about St. Francis of Assisi, and what does he have to do with the Unetaneh Tokef prayer? One of the best news stories of this past year, as far as I’m concerned, was the election of Cardinal Jorge Bergoglio of Argentina as the new Catholic pope. The Cardinal is the first …

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L’El Orech Din

L’El Orech Din- To the One Who Arranges Judgment “Hinei Yom haDin”- Judgment Day has arrived. This is the powerful message of the Untaneh Tokef prayer, with its depiction of the heavenly court and even the angels trembling before God’s throne. The theme is expanded in the beautiful piyyut on p. 401 (in the Gates …

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