Rabbi Bonnie Koppell is recognized as one of the first female Rabbis in the United States and holds the distinct honor of having been the first female Rabbi in the U.S. Military. She served in the US Army Reserve for 38 years and retired in 2016 with the rank of Colonel.

Today, she is the associate Rabbi at Temple Chai in Phoenix, AZ where she also directs the Deutsch Family Shalom Center.

As a frequent newspaper columnist and a much sought after public speaker, her writings have been published in numerous books and journals.


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  • Thank you so very much for all of your help this week. Your spirit truly lifted my family up, especially that of my moms. When we needed to be lifted the most, your arms were there to carry us. Myself and my family will be forever grateful for all that you do, all that you’ve done, and all that you are. If you ever need anything, anywhere, ever, please don’t hesitate to ask. We will be by your side. have a safe wonderful loving and Happy New Year and thank you for making the end of ours feel so warm.

  • Thank you sooooo much for officiating our wedding last week.  You were absolutely fabulous!  We had several people come up to us and say that it was by far the best Jewish ceremony they had every attended as you made things simple, easy to understand, and gave reasoning for each tradition.  We really and truly enjoyed working with you!!

  • I just want to say Thank you for being available for my father’s service last Monday.  We really appreciated your part in the service.  I know it was a “mitzvah” for you to visit my dad twice at the V. A. hospital.  He had a very strong Jewish heart and it was a comfort I am sure.  Our family and friends complimented your portion of the service. You helped make a most difficult time less difficult.

  • Thank you for the support you gave me when I needed it most. In particular, the gracious and erudite way you helped with the service at our home. I’ve always been a fan of yours- TK and I loved talking about your rabbinical skills. Again, thank you for the kindness you extended to me.

  • Nothing has been as meaningful to me as your visit with us during our time of need. It was an incredible act of love, respect and friendship that we will all remember.

  • We cannot begin to thank you enough for the profound effect you had on our wedding. From the moment we met you, we knew you had the beautiful, guiding spirit we wanted to embody on our wedding day. Your guidance, insight, advice and words- both leading up to our wedding and on our wedding day- is something we will always cherish. . . Above all, we wanted to thank you for your kindness. Your have touched our lives.